Museums Association

Summary in English

Professional membership organisation

The Museums Association aims to represent the interest of museums in The Netherlands. It also aims for a positive image of museums, a high quality of the sector and a large and diverse museum audience.

Our objectives

We provide services to our members.
We promote museums to the public.
We influence politicians in their opinions.

The Museum Association reprents the entire Dutch museum sector 

The Museums Association represents the entire Dutch museum sector and has about 420 members. It was founded in 1926 and looks after the collective interest of Dutch museums and offers services that contribute to the development of the sector in terms of professionalism and quality. We want to achieve this by supporting members in their aims for quality, reach and healthy finances. We will do this by looking after our members’ collective interest, offering a forum for museums, offering museums services that assist in them in their day-to-day running of affairs and improve the collective image of museums.

Team Public Affairs

We serve the collective interests of the museums through:
• Lobbying
• Putting museums on the agenda
• Speaking to the press
Our key message is: museums are more than worth it!

More than worth it 

Our continuous programme More that worth it focuses on the social significance of museums. We support our museums in getting this message across to politicians and other stakeholders. We provide them with a publication on the five social values, offer lobby training seminars and we have developed a successful internship format for politicians, shown in the clips below.

Team Quality care

• The Museum Register is an independent body that looks after the quality standard for museums. An unregistered museum cannot become a member of the Museums Association. 
The Ethical Code (in Dutch - based on the ICOM code of ethics). Commission monitors museum ethics and gives advice on issues such as the exhibition of human remains. 
• The research project on the investigation of museum acquisitions from 1933 to 1940 and from 1948 to the present day.
• The portal especially for museumprofessionals. 

Professional groups

We produce and organise tangible members’ benefits by offering professional committees. Groups within the association, managed by museum colleagues, who organize round table discussions, study days and educational trips. There are nine committees. Employees of member
museums can join them. The professional committees are called Cultures, Collections, Historical Museums, Castles & Stately Homes, Art Museums, PR & Marketing, Public & Presentation, Information Provision for Dutch Museums (SIMIN) and Security & Facility Management.

Team Collective Museum Promotion 

We aim to create a positive image of museums and to encourage a greater and more diverse public interest in museums and we offer:

Museumkaart (Museum Pass)
The Museum Pass grants admission to ± 400 museums. There are more than 1 million pass holders.

The portal especially for kids, with the primary goal to stimulate the interest in museums. 


This is the only site in the Netherlands on which all museums and their exhibitions are easy to find. The site attracts an average of 40,000 to 45,000 visitors a month.

The Museum Pass grants admission to ± 400 museums


Rapenburgerstraat 123
1011 VL Amsterdam
Postbus 2975
1000 CZ Amsterdam
T + 31 20-551 29 00

Recent publications in English

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